Why Gut Health is so Important to me

by | Jul 29, 2016

I learned about the importance of gut health the hard way. The personal, experiential way, which is why gut health is so important to me. It’s been hard. Seriously hard. I was unhealthy, hurting, tired of eating, and sick of being sick, something I really hadn’t felt in my life prior.

Keeping my story brief, for most of my life, I ate “okay.” I ate processed food, dairy, wheat (I loved my bread! None of which was properly prepared, by the way), but I also did eat vegetables and fruit. I definitely was not taking care of my gut. I didn’t even know how critical gut health was and how important what I put in and on my body were on my health.

In the spring of 2014 I came down with food poisoning. That’s all it took. I began to not digest certain foods well, some that I had been able to before. I would get very bloated, have intense cramps, be very gassy, and have diarrhea. Every morning. Yes, my daily routine became waking up to diarrhea (yeah, we’re getting personal). For months.

By this point I had cut out dairy, gluten, and processed foods. I was eating whole foods, and a lot of vegetables. BUT, and a big but, I was not absorbing those much needed nutrients. I felt horrible almost all of the time. I didn’t want to eat because I knew I would probably feel sick, and isolated myself as much as I could.

I went to the doctor and a GI specialist, but they all just wanted to treat the symptoms and wanted me to get a colonoscopy (which I didn’t get, thank the Lord for wisdom!). I don’t think they actually told me I had IBS! I finally had enough. I wanted to feel better, to heal! Eventually, I met with a holistic Registered Dietitian and went through the LEAP program (I’ve since become a LEAP therapist myself), which allowed me to eliminate my problem foods and reduce the inflammation that was in my body.

Most importantly, I started focusing on my gut health and digestion, and replenishing the good bacteria. I started taking a probiotic, eating naturally fermented foods like traditional sauerkraut, educating myself on preparing foods properly (the traditional way!), chousing mostly organic,  taking digestive bitters, and starting my morning with a smoothie (you can read more about my smoothie routine here). I also began practicing yoga, which I start my morning with, removing the toxins in things like toiletries and cleaning supplies, and using essential oils.

Am I 100% healed? No. Am I 98% percent healed? Pretty darn close. 😉

I still have the occasional flare-up, but since the spring of 2015 I’ve been diarrhea free. I am far healthier now than I ever have been because my gut is healthy! 

I’ve learned the importance of returning to tradition and all of those gut-focused practices that much of the modern world has lost. I know now, on a much deeper level than I would otherwise, that our gut is where either our health or our sickness stems from. 

I am grateful.

Through all of this, God has worked. I give Him all the credit! He has given me wisdom. He has used this experience to kick into gear my passion for wellness and for me learning all that I believe about it (which you can read more about here), and most importantly, my desire to help people. I can now truly empathize with people going through similar experiences, as well as encourage everyone to take their gut health seriously so that they may avoid even just the slightest amount of digestive grief that I have gone through.

We have control over our health. We can prevent sickness. We can heal by focusing on the root cause of our problems.

Contact me on my site or on social media (linked at the bottom of this page) if you have questions, want more information on LEAP, or want specific details on my routine. I’d love to hear from you!

May you walk into the abundance God has for you,

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