Eating to thrive is simple. Throughout my journey, I have become more and more certain that food the best form of medicine is food, and the best food as medicine is daily consumption of a variety and abundance of tastes, colors, and textures of plants.

There are no quick-fixes. It’s not about dieting or counting calories. It’s about food. Whole food. Organic, non-GMO plant foods, because plants are superfoods. It’s seasonal and just picked fruits and vegetables that give our bodies more than science even realizes. By returning to the foods God originally designed for us, eaten the way or as close to the way He created them, our bodies function the way God intended.

A few notes before you get to the recipes…

  1. I eat whole-food, plant-based and emphasize traditional preparations (soaking, sprouting, and fermenting). Additionally, I eat gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free, and currently am experimenting with raw, so what I share will reflect that (although not all of my recipes on here are raw).
  2. The way I teach confidence and creativity in the kitchen through recipes that are a little unconventional. I provide my recipes without specific measurements, and encourage recipes to be viewed as inspiration rather than a strict set of rules to be follower to a ‘T’. My hope is that you discover how to make your own unique, delicious, nourishing food on your own. Learn to taste as you go along, assess flavors and use your senses, and then adjust accordingly. Allow yourself to take risks, because you never know just how incredible something will be until you try.

Take these recipes of mine as inspiration and enjoy the journey. Let’s dig in!


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