In episode 1 of the Simply to Thrive podcast I’m sharing with you a bit of my story about how God has moved through my circumstances to bring me to where I am today. Listen to the foundation of why I am so passionate about connecting nutrition and wellness to faith.

Welcome to Simply to Thrive – a weekly podcast where we dive deep into nutrition and wellness, but rooted in Biblical truth. My name is Noelle Parton… join me as we have conversations connecting these topics to faith as a follower of Christ.

Notable Quotes

» I realized the necessity of surrendering that to Christ and being okay with who I am and who God created me to be and that everyone is unique and that sometimes, especially in certain circumstances, even though running and lifting weights are inherently fine, they’re not okay when they become an idol and they were doing more damage to my body than good.

» I have experienced in my own life what it means to have years where I was rather ineffective for the Kingdom because of my own decisions, because of following the world and what the culture said was best in terms of health, eating, and exercise.

» My health journey was one of pain, frustration, and revelation of what it truly means to be intentional with and honor God with every part of my life, including how I eat and take care of my body, to walk in full surrender to Christ, and to find freedom.


It has been quite the journey of exploring how my passion for following Jesus and my physical health are interwoven – what it means for my relationship with God to influence my physical health and lifestyle choices, and how those in turn impact the Kingdom. In episode 001 I share more about who I am, my health journey, and how God has moved in a powerful way to take the chaos that had become my new normal in bring about healing, redemption, and His glory when I surrendered it to Him.

Food is foundational to health. Here are my 10 tips for how to be confident in the kitchen w/o a recipe or measurements to help you make your own.

Thank you so much for listening to my story. I would love to hear how it encouraged you, impacted you, or what stood out to you. Message me on Instagram or Facebook, or email me at [email protected] to share that with me. You can send me a nutrition/wellness question you’d like me to address on the podcast in the same way.

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May you walk into the abundance God has for you,

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