Simply to Thrive


with Noelle Parton

This is a growing community of followers of Christ who want to be intentional with their lifestyle choices, pursuing nutrition and wellness to glorify God.

Simply to Thrive is a weekly podcast where we dive deep into nutrition and wellness, but rooted in Biblical truth – looking at how our physical health is connected to following Christ. I focus on educating, equipping, and encouraging you to get back to the simplicity of God’s original design in order to thrive and live an abundant life.

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trailer - Welcome to Simply to Thrive

Welcome to Simply to Thrive – a weekly podcast where we dive deep into nutrition and wellness, but rooted in Biblical truth. Join me as we have conversations connecting these topics to faith as a follower of Christ.

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001 - My Health Journey

In episode 1 I’m sharing with you a bit of my story about how God has moved through my circumstances to bring me to where I am today and why I am so passionate about connecting nutrition and wellness to faith.

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002 - Representing God Well

In episode 2 I start to unpack the overarching topic of why our lifestyle choices matter as a follower of Christ. Starting in Genesis, how should we respond to the truths of the Bible claiming the fact that part of our role as a human being is to represent God?

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003 - being the temple of the holy spirit

Our bodies are not our to do with whatever we please. In this episode we’re continuing to build the foundation regarding why nutrition, wellness, physical health are important as a follower of Christ by looking at this in light of being the temple of Holy Spirit.

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004 - carrying out the Great Commission

Does our physical health have any impact on our effectiveness in carrying out the Great Commission and purpose as a follower of Christ to further the Kingdom?

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I’m addressing some of your nutrition/wellness/lifestyle questions. Specifically, I cover four main topics: whether or not soy is health; how to support the immune system (think getting into cold/flu season); healthy sweeteners; and the best exercise for health.

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Do the food and lifestyle products we spend the money that God has entrusted on matter? In episode 006 of the Simply to Thrive podcast, we chat about it – looking at what and how much money America overall spends on food, healthcare, etc. and if we should care as the Body of Christ with what we support

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When thinking about caring for our bodies, the food we eat, our lifestyle choices, maybe it’s a small part of what it means to be set apart. Of not mirroring the world and the world’s ways, but influencing it and setting the example. Let’s think through it.

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008 - canola oil, travel, probiotics

In episode 8, I respond to your questions about canola oil, tips for staying healthy while traveling, and whether or not to take a probiotic supplement for immune health. I finish up the episode by talking about mindset during the Christmas season.

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009 - how to make sustainable behavior change

It’s getting close to the new year, which means people start to think about setting new goals and changing behavior. In episode 9, I talk about effective strategies to make sustainable, long-term nutrition and wellness behavior change that becomes part of your lifestyle.

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010 - what I'm so excited for in 2019

In the first episode of 2019 I share with you some of my reflections on 2018, what I’m looking forward to in 2019, and just some of my thoughts I’ve had over the past week of the new year.

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011 - I have an announcement

In this episode, I have an announcement for some restructuring of the podcast.

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